7 Daze Eliquid Series

Reds Apple is a top-ranked brand in the vape world. Its complicated, authentic, and delicious vape juice have captured the hearts of the vapers.

In 2013 Reds Apple vape juice launched its first product and received positive feedback. After going through a long period of trial and error, the company released Grape Apple, Berries, Mango, and various other liquids.

Later, Reds Apple also introduced the Iced ejuices and Red Apple Salts.

All of their products are of high quality.

Each one of them has been approved by the food and drug administration.

All of the ejuices are available in 60 ml bottles.

You can choose your nicotine strength according to your taste.

The Reds Apple boxes have a simple design and are visually appealing.

An animated picture of a half apple is engraved on the bottles.

The background color on the bottle changes according to the flavor.

For example, red is used for apple, green for watermelon, purple for grape and pink for strawberry, etc.

A warning is also inscribed on the box, which states that the product contains nicotine.

Along with this, it also points out that you have to be of legal smoking age to purchase vaping products.