Bolt CBD Massage Oil 250mg - Grapeseed Unscented - 237ml

Wouldn’t you like a nice, refreshing massage, but also experience the wonderful effects of CBD? Well, now you can with the Bolts CBD lotion provides not only immediate relief and also soothes the skin, but it provides CBD as well.

This CBD massage lotion is not scented, and it contains grape seed extract, which is great for the skin.

The massage CBD oil delivers CBD into the skin, which can be helpful for those with topical skin inflammation.

How The Bolt CBD Massage Oil Can Help You?

By massaging this directly into the skin, you can feel the variety of different benefits from it, and it’s used to reduce inflammation, help with soothing burns, and other irritation, and it also can moisturize the skin too, which is perfect for those who have dry skin. It’s also good for pain too.

For those with muscle aches, this is a wonderful product because, by massaging it directly into the skin, it will help with reducing the pain from that troubled area.

It’s also good for a lot of people since it lets them feel good, and helps to reduce the pain they might feel.

CBD is good for relaxation too, so not only does it help with reducing pain, but it also will help with making your body feel refreshed and relaxed.

Using this in troubled areas before bed will also help with reducing the pain too, making you feel good and well as a result.

How To Use the Bolt CBD Massage Oil?

To use this ideally, put a little bit into your hands and then massage it thoroughly into the affected areas.

The best areas to use this in are, of course, the neck, any areas of pain, and also the wrists as well if you suffer from joint issues.

Within 10 minutes,it'll be absorbed into the skin, providing relief.

You can use this once a day, or whenever you would like to feel the effects of this.

While this CBD lotion does come with other scents too, the grapeseed unscented is a popular one since it allows for you to feel the effects of the CBD without any overpowering scents.

The unscented version is perfect for those who want to try out CBD, but aren’t sure of whether they are ready to use gummies or other products to get the CBD benefits.

For topical application, this product provides a relaxing experience and one that you won’t be able to get enough of once you start to use this as well.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm and toxicity. USE ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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