Chill Gummies 150mg - Sour Faces - 40g

Are you a fan of small little sour faces, but also offer a variety of CBD options? Well, now you can get that with the Chill Gummies sour faces.

In each of these gummies is a dose of CBD, and they are sweet, tangy, edible gummies that are perfect for snacking with purposes.

They are delicious, sweet, and they offer high-quality CBD benefits.

They are perfect for chilling, and they come with high-quality natural CBD, and it is full-spectrum CBD as well.

They are dessert candies, but they are also quite powerful, and they’re the perfect sour, succulent treat that you can enjoy. To take these, take one piece and see how you feel.

Use caution when taking these CBD gummies so that you don’t end up overdosing yourself.

150 mg Sour Faces by Chill Gummies

You can use this in order to relax and chill after a long day, to decompress after you’ve been working hard, or for chronic pain and other issues that are creating problems for you.

They are sweet, delicious, and really give you the CBD benefits you want.

In each of these packages is about 14-15 different pieces, and that’s about 10 mg of each in those.

So you’ll get a simple, reliable dosage that can help with many issues.

For newbies and frequent users alike, this is a fun CBD product that not only provides the wellness they enjoy, but is great for those who want a simple CBD product without any additives, and also a CBD product that works well to help with treating a variety of issues, not just a couple of major ones you see around.

The best way to chill after a long day is to have some high-quality CBD gummies and luckily, Chill knows exactly how to give you that, but also help you really reap the benefits of CBD with every single gummy you take

Recommended use: take 1-6 gummies daily as needed.

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CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm and toxicity. USE ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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