Hemp Bombs Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies - 75mg

This is a smaller dosage version of the 125 mg gummies that Hemp Bombs carries. But don’t let that dosage fool you.

These gummies pack one serious punch, and you’ll be surprised the moment you get a taste of them.

To start, they are small but powerful.

They are broad-spectrum, so they might not be as strong as the full-spectrum options, but if you want a simple, powerful tool to combat the effects of anxiety and stress, and to promote tranquility and peace during your CBD experience, then look no further.

They are very easy to dose. Just take one and wait for it to kick in.

These edibles usually start working their magic in about an hour or so.

75 mg Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies By Hemp Bombs

These gummies contain about 15 mg of CBD per gummy, which is still a decent amount and will give you the relaxing effects of CBD, but of course never with the high that usually comes with cannabis products.

It is made by Hemp Bombs which is tested by Independent Labs, a third party company that ensures their CBD products are top-shelf.

If you’re someone who doesn’t seem to get the effects of CBD from normal gummies, it might be because you’re not getting a high enough dosage.

You can fix this by taking some Hemp Bombs gummies, and from there, they’ll offer a truly relaxing experience.

This can help with personal stress and mental turmoil, but also works well with physical stress as well.

If you suffer from an inflammatory disease, for example, you can take these CBD gummies and feel the effects, without taking too large of a dose.

A little bit of this goes a long way, and although the packages are a bit small, compared to other products on the market, Hemp Bombs offers an affordable, relaxing experience, and you can get your hemp this way without any issues, so you can get relaxed and feel better much faster.

Hemp Bombs Gummies - 125mg

  • 5ct
  • 15mg Each
  • 75mg Total

Recommended use: take 1-6 gummies daily as needed.

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